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A few pages on my site won't load


The following website has randomly stopped loading its homepage and “Mentors” page on desktop and mobile. All other pages load as usual/expected. The homepage and Mentors page have not been changed since the website was originally designed for us by an agency over a year ago.

Today, I used the Designer to create and publish a new page for the website. Everything was working normally until I published the site again after updating some Form settings under “Project Settings” because the form notications had stopped working. Now, those two pages won’t load when viewing the live site and the Contact page form and Financial Services page forms are not sending form submission notifications or capturing the submission in the backend.

Thank you for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Claire just to let you know someone has looked.
You have a lot going on in that website, I can’t see anything like java scripts and my guess is something at webflow or your plugin form handler has changed.
Its going to be process of elimination.
Do a backup etc and take the code out for the form and see if everything works as it should.
Then add it and see if it works, if not then see if there is an updated process or code from the form handler.
Good luck.

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Update: The forms on both the Contact and Financial Resources pages are fixed. I realized the original designer was using the “POST” setting to push those entries to a different platform. I set them back to empty/GET and now the notifications are working.

The remaining issue is the Homepage and Mentors pages not loading.

Thank you for looking! I resolved the form notifications issue - all tests have been successful.

Do you have additional thoughts on what may be causing the loading issue with just two of the site pages? The template and all its interactions/animations seem to be working just fine for the other pages and this has never happened before. Thanks again!

I did notice you had changed it to get. I think post is to place it into webflow.

As to loading have you tried other browsers to at least eliminate compatibility issues.

Since you are trying to address issues of page load on a published site can you share the URL to the pages? Can’t debug page loads in the designer.

Absolutely. The URLs to the two pages are:

Thank you for any help or insight you can provide.