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A Container with Columns sizing issue

Hello -

Mr Noob here…I have a section / container / 2 columns…left column has an image and the right has a heading and paragraph. The image in the left column is being scaled down and I can’t make it 100%. If I adjust the column width (instead of 6:6 to 9:3 for example) it allows the image to scale up to 100%.

Problem is the right column becomes very tall to squeeze the paragraph verbage. How do I adjust the right column to be wider or should I be taking a diff approach?


Hello and welcome… This is expected behavior… If you have a smaller size monitor and large text it will perform this action. You could fix this by making the text smaller or spreading the columns out more width wise.

Hope this helps. :wink:

Hi Vladmir -

It seems the container or the column width is locked by default (or the width is greyed-out) so that I’m unable to widen it.


Oh yes… So if you are using container your only option is to move the columns around so it is layed out differently or make the text smaller. :grinning:

Ok thanks I will try that!


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