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A Collection inside a slide

Can I put a collection of blog posts into a slide (with images and text) and set to display the latest blog post in the slide?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Bernstein,

does you have an example of what you try to achieve with the slider?

Hi Maurice,

Can you play the movie? Its sth I want to achieve,with images, title and a summary. And the content of the slides will be refreshed by dates. I wonder how much webflow could achieve base on this idea.



Which movie? Your Read-Only link is empty.

Hey @Bernstein, from what I can see, your link isn’t working either for me :frowning: Could you try sharing it again?

PS: make sure you add a profile picture when you have a minute, it’s always nicer to know who we’re talking to :slight_smile:


I capped two screens from the slide. and i wonder if the content of the slide can be updated from the CMS collection?

I have created a CMS collection for blog posts. and I would like to display the latest 3 blogs with slide show. is it possible?

Do you mean something like this:
If so, yes you could easily do something like this. For more examples follow this link.

Thanks, they all look good to me. How do I update the content?

Within the cms you create a collection for you blog post articles. You create all field that you feel are needed and then you can output them in a collection list. You put this collection list inside the slider component and limit the shown post to the first 4. In the next slide you copy paste the collection list and set the shown posts to the next 4.

To update your content you have to use the cms as normally.

Thanks, I will have a try!