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A cms tip, OctoberCMS

Well there have been numerous server issues with BC denial of service attacks in the past and I’m sure they will continue into the future. Things sometimes break (shopping carts) when they roll out new services.

This just isn’t true. BC is susceptible to being hacked just like any other host. It’s built on .NET(ASP) and new vulnerabilities are discovered everyday. You also have no control over the server environment (want to run nginx? too bad), have no access to your databases and can’t install server side code, so rule out ever running anything built with PHP (OctoberCMS wont run), Pear, Python, Ruby, etc.

Oh and it’s Adobe. Don’t forget that. It’s also really slow.

Find a real hosting solution with an extendible platform that allows you to choose the components you want, not be told what you’re allowed to do.

I recommend Linode + ServerPilot and if that is too much geekery, then something as simple as Bluehost will get the job done 10x better.

It is, upto 5 sites:

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It starts to be crazy how many things are included with CC…

Maybe someone can share their best practices or examples in this thread. So others can determine if it’s worth considering:

BC hasn’t been a topic on last two Adobe conferences I’ve followed. BC keeps coming as a topic around Dreamweaver, and vice versa. Makes me think BC is almost ancient for Adobe… wonder if they have a replacement in mid in their EDGE line up.

Can someone help me set up my page with octoberCMS??

After finding this CMS out and closely watching it, I’ve integrated my portfolio website with it. I must say it is very powerful. You can check out the site here:

There’s a lot of plugins that can get you going as well.

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