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A challenging, but shouldn't be design issue

Hi there,

I have been trying to work out how to display a diagram with floating boxes, laid out as in this screenshot. - But I just can’t figure out how to position the elements so it’s responsive and then able to be applied to tablet and mobile etc.

I would love some help from a whiz expert please. I feel like it shouldn’t be too difficult, I just haven’t figured it out (and had to resort to a static image to go-live).

Here is my site Read-Only (specific page):

Live website -

Hey @Hayden_Judd Maybe you could use 3 columns / divs (3 cards on the left column, triangle in middle, 2 cards on the right column) and absolute position the cards within its parent column / div. You will have to adjust accordingly for smaller screen sizes, but that should get you started.

First you need to figure out how you want that to look on tablets and mobile, then decide how to structure your design.