A before & after re-brand

Being as small as I am, it’s nice to know that even big companies can significantly miss the mark.

OkCupid decided on a rebrand and it seems to be going down pretty well on twitter.

Curious what your thoughts are. They are a million dollar company though, so what do I know :slight_smile:

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Hmm. Hard to say anything. Since in these kind of scenarios knowing what the brand stands for, allows you to get a better peek of why they went with such approach.

And as for the critic, I don’t really follow those kind of stuffs, at least I check the other persons work, and others work, before I even say, oh what this person is saying does make sense, but overall, when I see the before & after, what comes to mind is matching multiple peoples?

I’ve heard something similar from a few people. Though I think sometimes designers get too abstract with their thinking and changing something for the sake of change results in net zero, in my humble opinion, anyways.

It was an interesting approach for sure. There is an example in the link from regular people that found an eloquent solution without distorting the brand.