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A bad actor hijacked the domain we use for team SSO

Long story short, we lost our primary domain. Our admin@domain account was the owner and billable, but we can’t receive email at that address.

We have over a dozen client sites managed through this team account, and I’ve been unsuccessful contacting the Webflow support team. I know the Webflow team explicitly states they don’t check this forum, but I figured I’d see if anyone in the community has ever had to deal with this situation. Thanks in advance.

@joshjames Do you not have a way to administer the mail server for the domain? If you can control the mail server you should be able to reset the password on the mailbox. If not can you at least control the DNS zone? That would allow you to point mail to a new server you do control.

As for support you really have to use the support email or the support page. DM sent.

Thanks Jeff - no, I’m afraid we lost the domain to an unauthorized transfer.