992px to 1440px change - why is this happening?

How come in 992px the man’s head does not touch the navbar but in 1440px it does?

Is it the picture (ignore sizing, not optimized yet) that is the problem?

I’ve used Relume’s Hero Header 5 to make this. I found that if I change the section background to this picture there’s no issue, but doing it through the image Relume uses in the component it does this.

Link to read-only site [Webflow - Test Site]

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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One thing you can try is setting the point of origin of the image to the top. This is under your “cover” property, click on the three little dots to change.

Thank you very much!

One other question, can you check out the menu bar when in tablet or mobile. I can’t figure out why this component isn’t displaying correctly. I’ll have to contact Relume directly but figured maybe you’ve worked with their components and have seen it before.

I was having trouble understanding how you achieved the dotted lines. Still not sure haha.

I instead added a top border with dashed rule and these do show.

I just copy and pasted the component in from the extension and from relume’s site to see if one or the other was the issue. But, not sure what’s going on. It’s happened with a couple of other of their components too. Emailed them to ask. Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Yeah, sorry I’m unfamiliar with relume.