800+ Fields in Memberstack without entering each one

Hello Everyone Hope someone can help

I made a 2min video to explain. Need a way to enter fields better when its going to be in the 100s
Memberstack help can’t help me even though it can be done, so hopefully someone in the community can help, pretty please

Thanks, James

Hey James,

I wouldn’t try storing a guest list in MS, it’s not a database.
You’d want to build something external most likely-

If traffic is low and high-performance isn’t essential you could try Airtable and a custom-built API using Make or Pipedream.

If you need more performance you could lean towards Xano or build a custom datastore on Amazon services or possibly Firestore.

If you’re looking for crude and simple, a minimum-viable-product I think I’d actually back end it with Google Sheets and have a sheet for each client that they can access directly to make edits. You can still have a nice guest-facing UI for adding new guests, just keep the rest of it simple and practical.

Hey Michael

Thank you for the extra information. I will looking into all the extra applications you mentioned and hopefully I can make a beautiful database :slight_smile:
Have a lovely day