76 Trackers Installed on 1 Page

Nothing to do with Webflow (except I couldn’t find an answer in the Forums)

I was trying to figure out - how to create a Sticky DIV

  • couldn’t find an answer on Webflow
  • so I Google’d it and found an old reliable / dependable resource (tutsplus)
  • and was shocked by the number of trackers they had installed.

Just my opinion…

  • but I think installing 76 different trackers into your website is a bit excessive.

I mean REALLY… my websites only have between 1 or 4 depending on the need / requirements

Even Webflow “only has” 17…

In fairness to tutsplus… (I have used a lot from them for years)

  • the majority (about 50) were loaded after the page rendered… but still… 76?

ended up created the sticky DIV in JQuery.


How do you think free websites make money?

I know what’s it’s for… but still. That’s at a ridiculous level regardless of the purpose.

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