504 Gateway Timeouts / Form won't be sent

Hello, I’m receiving “504 Gateway Timeouts” on my webflow site in a chaotic way. Browsers connecting to the domain for the first time experience this phenomenon. Not those who have already connected.

Also, for everyone, on the 12 forms on the site, the end of the forms loops and I can’t send / validate the end of a form, the action doesn’t complete.

I’ve seen similar messages in the community. In your opinion, the problem comes from
1/ My domain (Squarespace)
2/ Webflow servers?

What do you think I should do?

Just guessing as you haven’t provided a domain;

A 504 is not a DNS resolution issue, it often happens when a proxy is waiting for an upstream server response. Could be CDN related, or Webflow server related.
If your browsers are behind a corporate or school firewall/proxy that can cause issues as well.
If not, it’s likely a Webflow issue, I’d message support.

Again, corp/school proxy, or Webflow issue.
These are likely related issues.

Hello Michael, thx for your kind answer. Ill dig into your precious advices.
If it can help the domain is : valoriser-mon-epargne.fr

I don’t see any issues from here currently, but I’ve seen a number of problems surface with Webflow’s CDN’s as GDPR changes were made in Europe. I suspect that the network providers there began adding certain checks and restrictions that might interfere occasionally with website operations.

Also Webflow’s forms have been unstable this year as some big changes were made in an effort to reduce spam.

I’ve two suggestions on how you might improve stability, but it’s difficult to know without trying.

For forms, you could use a different form handler. I use Basin exclusively because its proven extremely reliable and very capable. However I believe its data centres are primarily in the US and Canada. That likely won’t matter, but it still could if you do a lot of business in Germany or other places with “data sovereignty” laws.

For overall stability, a reverse proxy might help you. I use cloudflare a lot for reverse proxy configurations because of its high performance edge caching features. One of the benefits is that if the origin server is inaccessible ( e.g. your 504 ) Cloudflare can still serve those pages from its own cache reliably.

These two changes are the ones Id make personally, however it’s just a guess though as to whether these will solve your intermittent 504 issues.

Hello Michael, thank you very much for your answer. I will try Basin and Cloudflare !!