503 Error For Page That Never Existed

I received a notification of a 503 error through Google Search Console. Page:


Problem is… this page doesn’t exist in my project. Never has (I’m not in the habit of making slugs like this :smile:).

Looking online, I found 503 errors occur “…because your back end is down or unhealthy.”

Can anyone shed some light on what might be happening here?

Still hoping for some insight re this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you told Google it’s fixed? There should be a button that says “I fixed this” or “Done fixing?”. It should take a day or two to process.

Thanks for the reply @joejola. I considered that, but the error is still current. Check it out: https://www.derekprince.com/outreach-----------------------------MV-4356-100-ENG

I note it’s now a 502 error.

Are there redirects set up to that? Any scripts in custom code that might cause that?

Check Bing Webmaster and see if that URL still shows up. If not, you can isolate the issue to Google.

If the page does not exist the site should show a 404. Contact WF support. This looks like a platform issue to me.

Thanks for the input Jeff.

We have a reverse proxy but I don’t know if the error is generated because of that or Webflow.

@Evan1 - That would have been helpful to know on the outset. A namecheap server is throwing the error so that is not Webflow.