500 item limit max

While building a new site and testing uploading .csv and products I quickly used the 50 max items for the free plan. I have 13 products up, each as I understand counts as 2 items for some awesome reason. And with just a couple test .csv to understand how it all works I used up the 50 max.

Is it really going to be this easy to use up the 500 item max for the paid plan? that’s just 250 products if you never messed up once. Maybe less since for some reason a category counts as an item as well. Are you for real, my dudes? Products need to go in a category for organization. We are not selling categories. What money grabbing insensitive do you have for counting a category as an item?

In this aspect your competitor Wix has a much more reasonable solution that doesn’t punish a designer/consumer for mistakes or reuploads.

“If you are planning on using Wix to sell products, it is important to be aware of the limitations on how many products you can have on the platform. While Wix does allow for an unlimited number of products to be added to your online store, there are limits on how many products can be displayed on a single page and how many products can be sold in a given month. If you plan on selling a large number of products, it is important to keep these limitations in mind and plan accordingly.”

According to my experience. Loading such high numbers of products will not be good. As it will also effect the speed of your website. If you could manage the speed of the website along with these high number of items then no worry go for it.