50+ Text/Image cards in my carousel

Hi, I am creating a very basic one page site with 75+ repetitive cards that users should be able to scroll through – vertically or horizontally. Each card will hold 2-3 images, a title, a description paragraph and a few links below it. The cards are fairly simple but I can’t find a tool that will allow for all 75 cards in a row (without the carousel being slow or breaking). Any suggestions?

Hi Jennifer, you need to share your designer readonly link for anyone to see what you’re trying to build. You’ve mentioned scrolling and a carousel… is this a 75 card carousel?

That’s a lot of content for a carousel. You might look at using swiper.js which is one of the more efficient ones. If you’re using the CMS for the cards, you might also look at using Webflow’s slider plus Finsweet’s CMS slider, but the amount of content you’re trying to process may never be smooth particularly on mobile devices.

Make sure you optimize those images very well.