404 Redirect When Shouldn't Redirect

There when trying to access the integrations page from my webflow site: Integrations. Doesn’t work properly because it keeps redirecting to a page that doesn’t exist anymore www.uniblock.dev/partners. I deleted the redirect from publishing but it still redirects after trying to access this page from the home page. Go to www.uniblock.dev. And then try to navigate to www.uniblock.dev/integrations. It doesn’t work. However opening this link directly in an incognito tab or a new browser should work. I just want the link to link to the right page.

Found a forum showcasing the issues but no solution was provided: Page not found 404 - #4 by QA_Brandon. Suggestion was on the bottom with the comment by Alex Dram.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

It’s working fine for me, I see your integrations page at that URL.
Chances are, your browser is just caching the redirect and it will clear out in a few hours.

Try accessing it with your phone and you should see it.

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That’s really weird. I remember deleting the redirect a week ago and was having the same problem 3 days ago. I’m not sure how exactly the caching works but if it works now that’s great. Thanks for your reply.

Chrome has a nice option for that- In Dev tools, I disable caching under the network tab, and then any time Dev tools is open, I can refresh a page and be certain nothing is being cached - no content, no DNS redirects. It’s the ultimate sanity-check.