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404 Page Not Working on externally hosted site

Hello all! Having a problem with the 404 page.

I have created the 404 page in Webflow. After uploading the site to my host, I tried testing for the 404 page by asking for a non-existent page, it does not bring up the 404 page I created in webflow.

My site is not hosted on Webflow. Does the custom 404 page only work if hosting through Webflow? Is there something I can do to make that work?


Webflow Share:



Depends on the server and server software.

Thanks for the reply.

The company we host through has our company network servers and the web servers. If I contact them, what do I need to ask them to do? I’m pretty sure they will do what I want. But is there certain terminology to describe what I’m asking them to do?

Yes, the terminology should be called “default error page”.

Check these out

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