404 page not found after downgrading to free plan then re-upgrading to business plan

In order to renew our nonprofit Webflow discount, I had to downgrade my plan to the basic free one and then immediately re-upgrade to my business plan using the promo code. Once I successfully did so, I republished to my websites www.crossingpathsanimalrescue.org and www.xpar.org. It has been nearly 2 hours and the sites give you a 404 page not found error when navigating to them. Any advice???

Here’s a link to my page:


Hi Kathy, check that your custom domains and hosting settings are still right on the publish tab, I usually see these removed when a plan is cancelled.

If they are there, and you’ve republished, you might try removing and adding them again.

Thank you so much for responding! Yes, I noticed that the settings are incorrect in the staging area and there are there are DNS issues (see attached). Here’s the bad news. Although I’ve been maintaining/creating new content for the website for about a year and have learned a tremendous amount, I have absolutely no design/programming background so this is Greek to me. I will figure it out though! I’m assuming that there’s a tutorial in WebFlow university? If you have time, can you please send a link (it’ll take me ages just to find the right lesson…lol}.

One last question…
I backed everything up before I downgraded and upgraded the account. Would restoring that version correct the settings or might that invite new problems?

Thank you again! I wish you a safe and Happy New Year!

Yes your DNS settings don’t look right. I think probably one of the IP addresses is correct and the other is not, so your site would have worked sometimes.

DNS settings are managed in your DNS which is often wherever you registered your domain name.

You’ll find links on the publish page there which take you to whatever resources Webflow has, mainly just follow the instructions.

No, backups aren’t related to hosting configuration.
You’d probably just create new problems. :wink:

Ok, I updated my domain’s DNS files. However, when I go back to WebFlow under Publishing. Nothing happens if I select check status. The other pic shows what I think is the correct CNAME file in Google Domains. I don’t know where the disconnect is.

Thank you for taking the time to explain these things. Sorry about the pics of the screen…i was working from my phone and laptop and trying to send out my SOS as quickly as possible. My A records are above the CNAME record and I verified that they are correct. I fixed the host names. Voila! The site is back up…well one of them anyway. I also have registered www.xpar.org, but it is hosted through Namecheap. Do I need to go in there and do the same thing!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your guidance. Happy New Year!

Hi Kathy, Happy New Year to you too.
It’s the same process, you can use the tools I shared above to check your DNS if you like.
Generally the Webflow dashboard tells you everything you need.

Hello again! I addressed all of the issues that you pointed out and our main site is running beautifully. I applied the same principles to our other domain. I’m fairly confident that the site will work, but it will take up to 48 hr to be sure (namecheap is pretty slow).

Just want to thank you again for all of your help. Crossing Paths Animal Rescue is greatly appreciative. We’re a nonprofit and cannot afford to hire a designer/programmer, so I’m doing my best to learn! Dog adoptions stop when our website is down and your instruction and quick responses minimized our loss and helped us to continue our mission! Thank you!

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Thanks Kathy, I know the problem, I’ve built a few animal shelter sites before too. I’m glad we were able to sort it out!