404 Page and Dynamic Data

Hello all.

What’s the reason dynamic data is not allowed (anymore?) on the 404 page. I remember that it was possible some months ago, maybe in the beginning of the Webflow CMS.

Some of my websites have dynamic lists in the navbar, or dynamic lists in the footer. Both elements (navbar, footer) I want to show in the 404 page, because they are important elements to navigate through the site. Now either I have to decide not to use dynamic lists in those elements, or to disconnect those elements from the symbols and delete the dynamic lists.

Both not so great options.

Any ideas?

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I don’t know, but possibly some site generate a lot of 404 calls and this is maybe a measure taken to save some DB calls.

Yes, that’s not ideal, because adding a list of dynamic recent content to a 404 is a nice thing to do to propose alternative content.

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