404 Error on published site by e-mail address in URL

Hey everyone,

we are currently launching our blog and experienced some issues after we added the tracking code. Whenever I click on a link on the blog sites, it redirects me to my 404 page. It seems like it doesn’t matter whether it’s a static page or one of the CMS Collection pages.

The tracking code seems to be ok! We noticed that somehow our E-Mail address appears in the URL and this seems to cause the Error, but we have no idea why this occurs and how we can resolve this.

I added a screenshot on how the URL is supposed to look and one of how it actually looks when we try to click on the link on the published site.

I appreciate any idea on how to fix the problem. Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - blog.baumdick.de)

Hi Gizem,

Whatever tracking code provider you’re using, you’ll want to check the documentation and forums. It looks like it’s modifying your URLs incorrectly.

Hey Michael,

thanks for replying. We deleted the code and published, so the changes would be saved, but unfortunately the error still occurs. I appreciate any other idea on how to resolve this! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I found your blog homepage here I think-


Clicking a blog article works fine now.

Yes right, that’s because we restored one of the backups, but unfortunately every time we implement the tracking code the problem occurs and even after deleting it the error won’t go away until we go back to one of the backups.

I was hoping to find someone who has had similar issues. :confused:

I think you’d have to give details on what tracking system you’re using in order to find anyone here who might be using that same system.

But you’ll likely get better results talking to their support or checking their own forums.