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404 error for my site plus need help with navbar design on site

Can you check to see why my site is getting a 404?

Since I have to wait 8 minutes for every question allow me to post them all…

I’m wanting to do a second top nav as shown in the design attached(Home,ContactUs,Blog). How do I do this?

Also, as you can see there is a tabs portion that shows content when activated by the tabs. How do I accomplish this with keeping my design?

I would also like to do a layered contact form that opens when a button is clicked. How do I do this? Please see image attached. Thank you!

404 page because it takes some time to process or something is wrong on your end.

Contact form to appear on press of button would be show\hide interaction.

:wink: Please clarify into more detail about you other questions. :+1:

Please see image. I want to do a top menu above the navigation menu. Thanks!

Are you reffering to the darker blue stripe above? Sorry for still not understanding.

Yes the darker blue stripe that has “Home | Contact US | Blog”. Thanks

Okay, so you would drag another Navbar in on top of the existing Navbar and then just drag the navlinks outside of the container and position navlinks to the left.

If this does not make sense I could also tell you other ways to do this. :wink:

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