404 Error after transferring domain between two projects

I had an active project live on a domain that I decided to scrap and start over.

To start over I created a new project in Webflow.

When I completed said project, I tried to add the domain under hosting.

It wouldn’t let me as there was an active Webflow project using that domain.

I went to the first project and deleted the domain.

I went back to the second project and added the domain.

404 Error that looked like the below;

Favicon is the Webflow logo meaning the hosting is correctly pointed towards Webflow.

I have tried resetting the hosting account too, but that didn’t work and still points to the 404 error.

The project even has a preview of the 404 Error on the Dashboard as seen below;

Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 15.35.48

I’m not sure what else I can do, please help.

Hi, is this fixed yet?

Yes I spoke to support, the issue was resolved by making www.domain.com the default instead of domain.com under settings > hosting.