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400 Bad Request on Password Protected Page


I have a password protected page on my website, but every time I test it to sign in I keep getting a 400 bad request page (pic attached).

The page has no problem appearing without a password. Is anybody else having this problem? Or know how to solve it?

Hi @Julie_Miranda

Thanks for posting about this — this is definitely strange behavior.

This is an issue our team was notified about this morning. We are currently working on it and hoping to have a fix for this soon.

I’ll reach out as soon as I have more information for you, thanks for your help and patience!

I’m having the same issue - please advise

I’m having the same issue. The entire website is password protected and when you enter the correct password it ends on a 400 Bad Request where the URL ends with “<%WF_FORM_VALUE_PAGE%>?e=1”

I´m having the same issue.

Thanks for letting me know @jonask @andrewrubio and @JamesMH

Our team is still digging into this and we hope to have a fix out soon!

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Having the same issue. Please let me know when its fixed …

Thanks again for posting about this issue @Julie_Miranda @james @jonask @andrewrubio @Kalli2000

​Our team was able to resolve the 400 Bad Request on password protected pages. Can you please refresh the Designer, Republish your project, and check to see if the issue is resolved on you end?

​Thanks in advance!

@Brando great it’s working now - thanks for your help!


@Brando thank you! I appreciate your help!


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