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4 column dynamic list stacks unevenly

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On my page, I am pulling effectively blog posts into a 4-column display format. For some reason, at the end of the first row, two article posts are being pulled together into one spot before continuing to the second row.

This is also visible on the published site:


Hi @akeen, thanks for the question, it may be that some height or min height is needed on the content, or other style that is affecting to this. To look further, could you please share the read-only link to the site?

Another way to ensure your posts are only 4 across on each row, is to add multiple dynamic lists, and limit each dynamic list to 4 items each.

Points at the first link. It’s up there. First thing.

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Hi @akeen, thanks a lot for the info :slight_smile: I took a look, and if you were to add some 300px min height to the news link class, it should correct the styling issue, see below:

As I mentioned, another way to accomplish this without setting a min height, is to use multiple dynamic lists and limit the number of items to 4 in each list.

I hope this helps!

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You might also want to try dragging in ‘Columns’ from the Elements panel and setting it to 4 columns. This would make this layout easier.

Hi @zackrabie, the issue is that these are dynamic lists set to four columns and those do not work the same way as the columns widget.

Creating multiple dynamic lists with four columns each with the list items limited to 4 items would replicate (pretty close) the behavior of the columns widget though.

Good point @cyberdave. Didn’t notice that.

@zackrabie, thanks, for static content, you are 100% spot on :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @cyberdave

That seemed to do the trick. It does look like it will break if I end up with longer teasers, so I will work on covering that scenario next.

Thanks for the help.

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