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3rd party integrated document archive

I’ve had several clients wanting a document archive where they can upload PDFs, Word-documents, ZIP-files, PowerPoint-templates, profile elements, etc. Is there a third party document archive that you can integrate with Webflow, or is it possible to integrate with Dropbox or similar.

I want the client to be able to display a list of files on their site, and to have the correct document type icon displayed automatically.

No, but it has been asked so many times, and it makes a lot of sense, so it’s a safe bet that the feature will come one day.

Totally. I know how to with Dropbox but I’m sure that it’s possible with every cloud service.

Once you’ve set a folder for cloud usage on Dropbox (ie a folder named “cloud items”), place your files inside it, then select and right click each, and click on “Copy Dropbox Link”.

It will give you a link that’s going to open the PDF on Dropbox’ site. If you want the PDF to be downloaded instead, do the following:

When getting a Dropbox link, you get a link like this one:

Modfify it like this: (change 0 to 1)

OR like this: (change www.dropbox by dl.dropboxusercontent )