3rd party hosting and specs for webflow compatibility

i hope i am posting to the right category.
I want to buy hosting plan with a 3rd party provider ie Gandi etc
What are the things to look for ie features etc like ie apatche or whatever else is needed to allow transfer upload and operation of the website incliding all these Panels etc please.

I will build a website for a friend but i am not aware of server hosting and 3rd party providers including technologies behind them etc.

Alternatively has anyone found useful to buy a computer and convert it to a server and pros or cons of this method.

Finally under which cases i will need ie a CRM to be installed as well to my server.


Hi Dash, Welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

I am not sure what you mean by that:

But I can tell you that none of the native Webflow capabilities will work if you host outside Webflow… The site will work like a charm, and you can export most of the elements, but editing and designing with the designer is only part of the Webflow system.

Why not host with Webflow?

avitech, what are the native capabilities… i dont understand please explain.
i dont want to host as i find it more expensive at the moment and business is very small for expenses.

better use software to design and export all code inc CMS which is not the case but if you pay for it you should be able to get what you designed etc.

This is why i want to move to a hosting service that i find cheaper or setup a mac as server and host my files there to economise expenses etc.

but i still dont understand why things exported from webflow wont work… i am not a programming geek but when i pay to design etc i expect also things to work almost anywhere otherwise i feel not good

Again, as I worte-
The site export will of course work. That is what the export from Webflow exists for. But you wont be able to use the Webflow designer or editor, which are both make life so much easier when you want to update a website.

Regarding expensive hosting, it is expansive only if you consider it as hosting alone, which it is NOT. When you host on Webflow you get so many other things you cant get anywhere else.

so, if i understood again, site will work if i export except the CMS which is my issue as well, but not sure if i will need CMS for the animation etc.

the only thing you say is the editor etc that wont work, which ofcourse is a major issue for me, but as i say budget is too low for expensive openings with many months hosting etc.

if i could get ie some extra clients etc then would not be bad idea to forward with a more frequent editor usage and monthly rental packs.

but what i cannot get anywhere else except webflow is still unclear to me, partly lack of some extra coding or other knowledge i pressume. can you give some insights on the above.

if i go my own server what are the possibilities to export code for my server or even benefit from webflow etc.

As I see it, if you export from Webflow, the main reason to use it is speed.