3D Transformation bugs

The new 3D Transformation feature looks slick.

Eager to try it out ! :smile:

This interaction seems to work differently than what I expected.

You cannot reset the element after rotating it.

Rotate Y 360 - 1000 ms
Rotate Y 0 - 0 ms… you can see the rotate - even though the time slice is 0ms. (***)

So that mean you cannot rotate back to it’s original position… like you can with a move element or scale element.

If you cannot rotate the element to it’s original position… you cannot perform 2 tasks for a transformation

such as

Rotate Z 360 - 1000 ms
Rotate Z 360 - 4000 ms… the 2nd step will never happen

The only way to reset the element is to do a onHoverOut…

which displays the element rotating - even when the time slice is 0ms… same issues as brought here (***)

if you have scale previous set… or example too .02

open the transformation initial appears to have a very long number

like .00239759708349832498923858439

when after opening it… the display is changed to something like Scale X0.6, Y0.6

Here’s a video: http://quick.as/9pq9cpzoo

add transform rotate / move. saved it. reloaded project. selected element.

and this is displayed.

Not to mention this bug:


OK, I almost have it. I set the very top Div in each section with a relative position and a z-index in descending order. It was necessary to set both in every section, even though the top most parent div is NOT the parent transformation target.

HOWEVER! I cannot get more than 3 of 4 transformations to work. :confused:

For example: If I set all the sections to relative, and set the z-index for each of the sections the following happens:
All Z-Index the same: Only top (swirlberry) fails.
Z-index in Ascending order: Only top (swirlberry) fails
Z-Index in Descending order: Only bottom (blurberry) fails.

What the hell?? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

We’re looking into what’s going on here. Can you create a screencast for us? That would be helpful.

Also for the .00239759708349832498923858439 bug how can I reproduce this?

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