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3D Hero section responsiveness

Hey there.
I have created a 3D hero section animation for one of my portfolio pages on my photography website. I am having some difficulty making the section responsive on different viewports. I would like the the images within the hero Grid to take up more of the viewport when the page is loaded.
Does anyone have an advice on how I could fix this issue? I would greatly appreciate it. The link to to page is below:

I also have been having some difficulty with another page in my portfolio. The section consists of gif images that were turned into background video files on the page. The page takes a very long time to load correctly. I guess this could be due to the amount of videos on the page. Does anyone know if there is any fix for this issue? Or should I cut down on some of the videos on the page for faster load time. Thank you !

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Not sure what you mean by taking up more of the viewports. Do you mean height. You can adjust that grid to take up more of the viewport . You can also collapse columns for the different size devices. You will need to adjust your title for each breakpoint probably.

As far as the second page. Those are way too big. If someone visits your site on mobile that will take forever to load if it does. a 30-40 second bg video should max be 1-3mb. Many pages only have one. Each one of yours is 3-4mb. You can try optimizing the videos themselves for starters but page load is something you will want to watch. It will also suck up peoples data for mobile which they won’t thank you for.