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3D card tilt transform image hover not working

So here’s my shared link. The page in question is “test layouts” in the Miscellaneous folder near the bottom of my page list.

I have all of the interactions working smoothly, but the images are set to move up when hovered over. The images in the very last column work as expected, but the images in the first three columns don’t move. They all have the same class with the same properties.

Interestingly, in editing mode, they work on hover, and in preview mode as they are moving into place, they work, but once they’ve settled back into their tilted final state, they won’t work.

Any thoughts?
@sabanna, @samliew

Update: I had to move on and change it. I would delete this post, but I don’t see how to.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Looks like you have it fixed, it seems okay to me.

@samliew, thanks for looking at it, but I never did get the hover to work. I just took it off. I’ve got too much work to do to fret over something like that right now. I’m might pick your brain on it again later. :smile:

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