301 to www.www. subdomain despite having www subdomain as default

I attempted to make our Webflow site live today but have had to roll the DNS back to point at the old website.
I set the A records to the right IPs and the www cname to proxy-ssl.webflow.com. After a few minutes they had green “Connected” next to them and I clicked “Default” on the www subdomain, then published.

On Linux, Windows and Android devices it worked perfectly. However, on iOS devices https://www.sethuletrust.org responded with a 301 to https://www.www.sethuletrust.org, even after clearing caches etc.

This makes no sense to me. The webflow servers can’t be returning a different response, so it must be cached somewhere, but the same thing happens on an iPhone that has never visited the sethuletrust.org domain ever before.

I tried unpublishing and re-publishing but it made no difference.

I have now changed the A record back to the old website and the www cname to the root domain.

I have contacted support but in the mean time, anyone got any ideas?


If your tests with IOS devices were done connected to a the same carriers network (not WIFI), the web results are often cached by the carrier and may have been. It sounds like everything was working. Since you rolled back there is no way to test.

When faced with those circumstances I would choose to redeploy and wait for DNS to propagate. Then test again. I often use browserstack to test devices. Saves me lots of time. Good luck with your deployment.

Unfortunately I don’t have an iOS device to test with. I was relying on two separate people who both reported the same issue. These were mac books on wifi as well as iPhones which could have been cell network or wifi.
I know… It’s like trying to do surgery with a scalpel attached to a long stick.

I’ll try Browserstack when I give it another go.


I just wanted to chime in and say that I tested tis on
WIN10 - Chrome = pass
iPhone - Sifari = pass
iPhone - Chrome = pass


Oddly Favicon is loading on WIN10 browsers and iPhone Sifari browser but favicon is not loading on iPhone Chrome browser… that’s kind of weird

Note Iv’e ha dthis issue before and it takes a while for dns propegation, and some browsers do cache host redirects. I would dvise your testers to try incognito mode and see if problem persists.

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