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301 redirects with multiple different custom domains

I have multiple custom domains added to a single webflow site:

I need to be able to setup different 301 redirects for each domain, for example: > > > >

etc, for every link in each different domain.

The problem is that the 301 ‘Old Path’ does not allow for the domain to be specified, and must start with the page level ( /about-us ):

This means that I can’t specify different 301s for the different domains added to webflow. So for example, if and domain both have a page called /about-us – the 301 would send both to the same target.

Any ideas how I can achieve what I need?

EDIT – I’ve found this post where @samliew suggests this is not possible without hosting elsewhere via .htaccess?

That is correct. The 301 redirects section in the site settings is not equipped to handle this.

Thanks for confirmation Sam. I’ve wish-listed it for what it’s worth!

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