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301 redirection from one server to Webflow


I hosted my website on webflow. Perviously that was hosted on firebase and ever there was a subdomain hosted for my website i.e., Now this blog was moved to Now my issue is this should redirect to and I know that can be done by 301 redirect, but I am not sure where to update and how to update.

Can someone help me regarding this.

The redirect needs to be handled on the blog subdomain. The how is dependent to which server is running there. Determine that then lookup how to do redirects for that platform.

Hi, Krishna,
I think these tips will help you. Even then if you need any help, feel free to ask me.


I am checking with other hosting partner, thanks for your quick response Jeff

Yeah I already checked this @seoninza but here my problem is completely different. The website is hosted in another server. So I need to redirect it from there.