301 Redirect + wildcard help needed

I’m new to 301 Redirects and struggling with redirecting CMS pages.

I’ve created predefined sections for my client to build out their own campaign pages using collections. The problem is the urls are quite long. I’d like to create redirects to clean the urls, but after following several guides + videos I don’t understand the proper way to do this.

Example: https://cityteam-main.webflow.io/get-involved/gracevillage
I would like to become cityteam-main.webflow.io/gracevillage

Can someone give me an example of what the old path and redirect path would look like?


Here is my site Read-Only: Site Link


Here’s the rub, if you want root-path redirects like /gracevillage you won’t be able to use wildcards because it would conflict with all of your other pages… about, programs, stories, etc.

An alternative is to abbreviate it, like;


But then why not just make the collection slug gi and save the redirect?
I suppose it depends on why you want the shortened URLs and how you’re planning on using them.

Thanks for the help @memetican. I had a feeling your first suggestion would be my simplest solution. I appreciate your expertise.