301 redirect to new subdomain

Hi there :wave:t2:

I’m having trouble redirecting some pages to a new subdomain.

Context: we’re an international company with sites in several languages. We have been adding them in the same WF project, but since we’re coming close to our static page limit, we’ve decided to move some of our language versions (newer ones) to subdomains, as to free up space.

So: I want to change for example a page like .co/pl/demo to pl.xxx.co/demo. When I try to add this in the old project, the redirected URL turns into .co/pl/pl.xxx.co/demo…

Thanks for your advice on fixing this!

Hello @SorenCL :raised_hands:

I am facing the same issue
Did you find any answer for yours ?

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EDIT : sorry my bad, I found it by changing my wordings in search : Page Redirect to External Domain