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301 Redirect over 600 pages using truncation method?

I have over 1700 geographic specific pages on CMS (local specific landing pages).

As follows…
… up to 1600 entries

I must redirect -tx to its non -tx page variant using wildcard.

I am looking at

, this page does not explain truncation redirects.

and for basic redirects I get it, but because this is a spacialized IF contains -tx -ok -fl -ny etc, i need to simply redirect those to the non -st versions.

Purpose: CMS page limit is capped out and would like to omit 600 pages to make room for other cms objects.

Old Path = /path/(.)%-tx
New Path /path/(.

the correct syntax?

I’m trying to do this without inturrupting existing services and it would be bad if we got clicks to 404 page even during testing