301 redirect - old site had everything at root

My site was previously created in WordPress by someone else and I have moved/recreated it to WebFlow. It is a site primarily of articles for which I’ve created a WF Collection (“Articles”).

My problem is that the old site had ALL pages/articles located at the root of the domain. I don’t know how to redirect the majority of the old pages to the new “/articles/” folder without it affecting the pages that DO need to remain at the root (like the Home page and a handful of other static pages).

So my question is:
Does WebFlow allow for pages to be excluded from a global redirect?

For example: Is there a way to create a redirect at the root like /(.*) to /articles/%1 but somehow identify and exclude the handful of static pages that DO need to remain at the root?

I hope I’ve described my situation clearly. LMK.

Read-only link:

Anything from any WF experts?

Hey @jhknudsen

I’d contact support directly for this one. This is really deep issue for members to dig into. Support will be more responsive since you’re basically dealing with the domain and root. Hopefully they’ll be sympathetic.