301 redirect not working webflow to wix


I’m trying to 301 redirect a page from my website on Webflow to another page on the Wix platform and it doesn’t work

is it possible at all?

Both sites are on paid plans with active websites

Thanks all

Hi Ilan,

What’s your site and what’s the redirect URL?
Are you unable to add it, or have you added it, but it’s not working as you expect?

thank you Michael for responding :slight_smile:

I want to redirect: commx (webflow)
To : https://www.commx.comm-it.com/ (wix)

I put it this way: /www.comm-it.com/commx ---->>> https://www.commx.comm-it.com

Its not working

I did 301 before but only inside webflow platform from one page to another

Webflow’s redirects are always from the Webflow site-


…is probably what you’re after

Thank you!

I tried it already and it gives me this:
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 10.38.48

I don’t understand what wrong here :slight_smile:

It’s saying you have an existing path at the path /commx, so it can’t create a redirect that competes with that. You’ll need to move that page first or delete it.