301 redirect for http url

An error report has been raised in the search console as a new reason why pages from the site aaaa-aaaa.com are not being registered in the index.

I would like to register a 301 redirect to resolve the error, but how do we register a URL that starts with http like the following?

If I put it directly into the oldpath of the 301 redirect registration,

“Path must start with “/”, can only contain alphanumeric characters, as well as the following characters: . _ ? = % + & / ( ) *”

If I put “/” in the oldpath of the 301 redirect registration, it will say “”.

If anyone knows a solution, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

All http is redirected to https on Webflow

Makiko, if you share the details and screenshots of the error and your published site link, we can help you understand what you need to do to resolve it.

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HI! Michael

Thank you so much.
It is really helpful.

The situation is like this.

This is the serch console error message.
Serch console error : There is a redirect to the page

And These are 301redirect registrations.


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You can see many of the items in the list are missing https: and have http: instead, or else they are missing the www.. These will direct to the correct https://www. primary domain.

I don’t see any errors here, Google is just noting them for you.

If you’re migrating an old website to Webflow, than you can redirect the pages, which I see you’ve done for e.g. /access2.html and /privacy1001.html. Any urls with http: or missing the www. will be automatically redirect for you so you’re all set.

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HI! Michael

Thank you very much!
You have been very helpful.

The error messages in Serch cosole is really confused for me.
Because I don’t know how to fix them about each error message.

So your opinion was so helpfull for me!
Thank you