301 redirect for almost everything

I’ve had a WordPress site for years and it was getting pretty tired. I decided to move my main web presence to WebFlow and am really happy with the results. However, my old site had a lot of blog posts that I wanted to keep and a few pages that might still be referenced somewhere on the web that I don’t really want to lose. I renamed my old WordPress site as blog.sdgstrategy.com and my new WebFlow site as www.sdgstrategy.com.

I only have 6 pages on my WebFlow site. I’d like to do a 301 Redirect on anything other than those 6 pages to go to the blog.sdgstrategy.com site and have those 6 pages stay on the www.sdgstrategy.com site. I think I could figure it out if I could use .htaccess but I don’t think that’s an option with WebFlow. Everything on the old site was referenced directly off the root (e.g. Speaking Engagements – SDG Strategy) so I can’t use a folder wildcard. (For the blog posts I could use the year as a folder with a wildcard, but not the pages.)

I have full access to DNS settings, so if someone has an idea for how to accomplish what I want with a mix of DNS and WebFlow 301s, I’d be happy with that too.


You may need to build a CSV with the 813 URL’s that are valid (minus the 6) and use the finsweet chrome extension which supports bulk 301’s into a project. I would crawl the site to build the URL’s or extract them via a database query, or a sitemap tool. Not a lot of fun but doable.

If you want your WordPress site converted to your new WF design that would be something I offer professional services for.