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301 Redirect confusing error message - help!

I am trying to 301 re-direct a page as follows:

/team to /contact-us

It doesn’t work and I get the following error message:

/team is already a page for this project

However there are no re-directs that exist for /team. What can it be?

Do you have a collection that has /team as a slug?

Thank you for your response, no there isn’t a collection with /team in the slug.

Basically, the /team page has been published accidently and I would like to ‘unpublish’ it or redirect it.

So go to the page properties and change the slug. You can also “unpublish” a page by toggling the dropdown on the save button and selecting “save as draft” and publishing your project. Now the slug would be free to use.

Thank you for your help - much appreciated. I have now managed to unpublish the page.