301 redirect blog with new domain

Transitioning to WF and at the same time rebranding with a new domain while simultaneously dropping the old folder structure of the blog. I can’t seem to get the 301 Redirects to work.

I am trying to accomplish this:


I’ve tried various combinations of this:

What happens is that the old domain url redirects to https://www.NEWDOMAIN.com/blogand drops /post_url.

Settings: I’ve got both old and new domains connected to WF, and new domain is set as default. I also published to all domains.

You can can test live urls here:

Old domain post

New domain post


Here is my site Read-Only: Read Only Link

So it appears that my browser cache was the culprit; and the format above is correct. Rookie mistake.

However, in considering this issue of redirects, I have one additional question. The old domain has two schemes for it’s posts, split evenly among the 100+ posts I have to migrate over:

  1. /blog/yyyy/mm/dd/post_url

  2. /blog/post_url

If I redirect the nested year-month-day schema with /blog/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*) -> /blog/%4, how will that effect 301’s that follow the schema in #2, /blog/...??