301 for assets from Wordpress to Webflow


I’m migrating a website from Wordpress to Webflow, there were some images upload in Wordpress as assets, now I uploaded them into Webflow assets, and I’m trying to redirect them from old WP links to assets links in Webflow.

Is this possible?

Thank you!

Are you referring to 301 redirects in your project settings? If so I would say no. The reason is the assets are on a CDN, not on the actual website where redirects are controlled.

Yes, the company is using assets links from WP in email marketing and now they are all 404. I tried using 301 redirect option in Project Settings. So, it is not possible?

Right. Not possible.

Do I have another solution?

As long as the assets still existed on the old paths and were accessable, you can referenced the URI for sources in custom embeds.

The old links are all 404 now.

You could at least search the entire site on google with the site: function to find all the pages that google has indexed and set up 301 redirect for those pages.

Not sure how to search, I used the site: function searching for the website title. The website is already moved to Webflow, so all google results are working. The old wordpress links are assets with images.

@Alexander_von_Stauff - Do you still have access to the site that the server was on? If so, can you go through the directory structure and look at the images there and set up redirects as appropriate?

I don’t have access to it. However, the company decided to use new links from Webflow. :slight_smile: