301 domain redirect for one specific path only

Hello, I am new to Webflow and I’m trying to achieve something which is probably not a common case.

We’re about to connect our Webflow site to our custom domain. The thing is that there is a certain path that serves a script that is connected to a domain and we have to keep it working.

So the redirect needs to be something like:

domain.com/script.js?some-url-parameter => otherdomain.com/some-path?some-url-parameter

A simple 301 redirect is not enough, I understand that we need domain redirect. the problem that this will redirect all the paths, and what we want is to redirect only one certain path.
Is this somehow possible?

I have seen this solution, but it won’t work for our case since it seems that a . in a page name is automatically converted to - so it won’t match the URL :frowning:

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

Export your Site, put to your own server and redirect it.

@flashsites , thanks for your reply!
I’m afraid that this is not possible since we use Webflow’s CMS, am I correct?

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By default, no :frowning:

But… with something like https://stacket.app (built by me) for sure! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Looks promising, I will look into it!

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