3 silly styling issues on home page

I can’t figure out these 3 little issues.

  1. the Search button is below the Search input box
  2. the jigsaw icons in the “cards” are not centred. I can only seem to move them by adding margin, which isn’t great
  3. above the footer is the “Is there anything wrong with this page?” button. It opens a form, but you can’t see the whole form when you click the button, which is what I would like to happen.

Silly things, that I have spent far too long on!!


home page

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  1. you can play with flexbox on the parent element

  1. Select image and click here:


  1. I can see the whole form when I click the button…
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Vincent beat me to it! :smiley:

I did a quick video runthrough.


That’s the problem when you’re (that’s me!) conceptually not with it when you start building… No idea how many layers of hell there are to play with (and muck everything up!)

Thanks for your help guys. I knew it was simple things.

I still have an issue with the “Is there anything wrong?” button, as it’s still not showing the whole form on my screen when I click it. I’d like the window to shift up so that the whole of the form can be seen when the button is clicked. video