3 SEO issues help please


I hope you’re well.

I am reaching about 3 issues today.

1- An issue about non descriptive link content keep appearing in my designer panel. It’s regarding the following pages : Paradise Western collection & Maverick Adventure collection. Even after followed all the steps explained in the audit I keep getting this error. As you can see in the attached picture (picture_1), an alt text is link to the collection image. This should resolve the problem but for some reason it doesn’t. Any help would be much appreciated.

2- I would like to take the opportunity to mentioned another issue discover via SEM rush. 33 https links are redirecting to http link. I don’t understand this issue as it’s say connexion secure on my live website link (Picture_2). How should I proceed to resolve this issue too ?

3- The meta description of my homepage is not appearing properly in Google Search. As you can see in the picture attached below (Picture_3), I am getting my footer page link in the meta description. Do you know how to resolve it ?

Many thanks for your time given.

Co-founder, Drover club


Does someone encountered same issues ?

Any help would be much appreciated ! Thank you