3 hour One-page website done for Youth Event

Hey there!

My name is Flauzilino, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I’ve started using webflow since the first beta came out, I’m currently 15 years old and this was the easiest tool that allowed me to design cool, fast, good-looking stuff in just few hours! Please give a feedback :smile:

Link: >> http://xperience2014.webflow.com <<

I had 3 hours to create a cool looking one-page website for a Youth Conference.
Main things to be shown:

  1. Livestream + Comments
  2. Custom Hashtag widget
  3. Information (how to get there + price etc)
  4. Guest speakers and bands

Great stuff there! Keep it up. Concise and straight forward, youthful, dynamic. Use your negative space more so it take up more of a page (or sizes to browsers width & height). Thats my only suggestion.

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Thanks man! :smile: Really nice to have feedback

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Muitu bein. Voce tem muito talento.

THIS! Exactly THIS!

This is why I love webflow. Using the power of great UI and UX to keep the web beautiful. Great work! =D


Hey Fauzilino, this is amazing! You remind me of myself when I was 15 and I first found out about tools like Frontpage and Dreamweaver, except your design skills are much better :smile:

One thing I noticed was that something flashes red when pressing the links at the top. Only seems to happen in Chrome (latest beta). See recording here: http://www.screencast.com/t/Yr5DhwgRs1

Also, in Firefox, the map seems to be showing up at the top of the page. It seems that if I remove the ‘position: static;’ code from the .map class, it seems to work well, so maybe you need to make sure the Position field in Webflow is not highlighted blue (click on it and reset the value).

Thanks! I’ll take a look on this :slight_smile:

Thanks! Such a honor to have your feedback :)) 'll take a look on that on.

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Looks great! How did you get the video in the background?

Check this tutorial on how to do it: [Tutorial] How to add a Custom HTML5 Background Video