3 custom domains - one is default - another coming up with double ‘www’

I hope someone’s around to help me with this issue. I have 3 custom domains set up. We were using [www.olddomain.com] as the default, but I recently changed the default to [www.newdomain.com]. For the 3rd custom domain, I set up a 301 redirect from our domain registrar for [alternatedomain.com] and it’s forwarding correctly to newdomain.com, but [olddomain.com] is NOT.

Am I supposed to still have the A records and CNAME records set up in the DNS for [olddomain.com]? That’s the way I have it now, and it’s “connected" in Webflow but the site won’t load and shows [www.www.olddomain.com] when trying to load it. How do I get it to redirect to [newdomain.com]? Our nameservers for olddomain.com are with Microsoft 365 for email purposes, and I’m not seeing a way to set up a 301 redirect there. Please and thanks!

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When you set a default, any other domains you have defined in your webflow site hosting settings automatically get redirected. You do not need to setup any redirects.

For domains that aren’t defined in Webflow’s hosting settings, you do need to setup your own redirects, but it sounds as though you’ve done that fine.

The www.www is often a DNS caching issue.
Does the site work fine if you access it from your phone or another machine?

You can try this tool as well-

Thank you so much! It does work from my phone and an incognito window.

So since both alternate domains are set up in Webflow, I should be able to remove the A/CNAME records for the one, and the 301 redirect from the other and they’ll theoretically still work fine?