2x Webflow apprentice jobs (London)

We are hiring two apprentices into our small new social impact agency. You’ll deepen your Webflow skills, plus learn about user research, information architecture and the whole gamut of digital product design. No experience or qualifications required. Pay: 21k/year.

For more information and to apply: SIDE Labs - Academy 2020


This looks like a great initiative, best of luck with it! :webflow_heart:

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Dear Andrew,
Hope you are doing well!!

I’d Glad to assist you.
PM Sent, Please Check.

Very Best Regards
Carter W

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21k a year, but it’s a 6 month apprenticeship? So 10.5k? Whilst living in London? How?

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That’s right £10.5k for 6 months. I appreciate it is is tight but it should be a great learning experience. At that rate is more than the London Living Wage, so should be doable.

@Fonsume that’s not an awful wage, particularly given that this seems to be aimed at those with little-no experience. That’s highly likely to be a young person, possibly searching for their first proper job.

10.5k in return for a 6 month mentorship, which both employer and employee will benefit from (if it’s carried out in the correct manner) is pretty good - especially if the alternative is no job at all!

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I see. I guess I thought living in London was super expensive!

It’s pretty expensive, but it is not that bad!

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This is such a great initiative! :star_struck:

I’m gonna apply too! Hope, I can pass the entry requirements haha :sweat_smile:

@Fonsume it’s not the cheapest part of the country to live in, but I used to live in a fairly expensive city close to London and made do on a £17k salary (just!). £21k is definitely liveable.

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Hi, Andy.

When is the deadline to apply for this opportunity?

Many thanks,


The deadline is Friday 4th July

Thank you for letting me know :slight_smile: