21 day folio course 'projects' button

Hi there,

I’m up to day 16 of my folio course and am stuck on the projects button. The button is meant to link using an ‘external link’ that points to a section label on the home page. The cloned project that webflow supplied does not work. When I change the type of link to a ‘section’ the link only works when clicked on from the homepage.

Perhaps there has been an update recently which has caused this? Any help would be really appreciated

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I’m not sure what the folio course is, but AFAIK links have been pretty unchanged in Webflow over the past several years.

A link to a section is a standard URL hash link, which directs the browser to scroll to an element ID or an anchor. on the page. If that ID/anchor does not exist, nothing happens.

Webflow doesn’t have a facility to construct a link that navigates to another known page and specifies a hash, so you have to tell it manually.

Just create it as an external link, but use a local path with your section ID appended, like this…


Thank you Mike,

Ill try out as you suggested and report back