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2021 DESIGN PORTFOLIO COURSE impossible to add fourth section for the footer

Impossible to add the fourth section for the footer

2 days after I can at last add the fourth section. I really would like to know what happened before I decide to carry on use webflow in the futur.
I precise that I did nothing more on my project, I just open it trying add it and it worked. Very weird.
Someone could say me what happened?

I am not sure what do you mean, because I had no problems adding more sections to your read-only link. Maybe it was because you can not add section inside section – then the error pops up.

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Thanks Lena for your answer.
I monitor what 's going on. Maybe it was just a manipulation problem. I noticed that when I up and down the new section in the Navigator panel before drop off it, maybe It’s works better. I will see…