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20 Collection List Limit Error


I ran into an error after purchasing a template from Webflow, “Carrete”. After contacting the author of the template about it, he suggested posting the bug here.

Basically, I am not able to move Content-Section div blocks (the div blocks/containers separating sections) on the homepage and/or import new elements into the Homepage. I get the following error - “You cannont have more than 20 Collection Lists on a single page”.


There are 3 homepages (default, static, and video). In order to bypass it, I had to delete the Gallery section and create one from scratch. However, if you navigate to the Static page or Video page under ‘Pages’, you will see the error occur if you try to move div blocks or import new ones. Here is a link:

My question is, is this a valid error or bug? Would it still appear if I had Webflow CMS hosting purchased connected to the theme? It’s inconvenient as I could not move and customize the homepage at first without deleting the collection list first and recreating a totally new one… Thank you in advance.

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Hi, I encounter this on pages that have 20 lists. To move them, instead of dragging, I cut and paste them and it works.

(Be careful not copy and pasting elements with IX2 inside or the interations can break)

However, it doesn’t work on your site. I unfolded the complete structure and counted 24 Collection Lists. I don’t know how this happened… CMS plans only allow for 20 lists per page.

@cyberdave did the author create the template with a Business account with a different limitation for collection lists per page?


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Hi @smag23 @ROOSTER

Thanks so much for posting about this.

There was a bug that hit a few weeks ago that we’ve since resolved. The issue was that you could nest collection lists inside a symbol and drop as many instances of that symbol into one page – the made it possible to add more than 20 collection lists to a page – a strict limitation up until that point.

We were able to resolve this issue which prevents this from happening again, but unfortunately we weren’t able to push a retroactive fix meaning sites that were impacted by this still have the underlying issue.

The solution here is to delete the excess lists. Once you have 20 lists or less, you will be able to add elements to the page as expected.

In your project @smag23 it looks like you may have already done this for the home page. If you are experiencing the issue on another page, I recommend the same solution.

@ROOSTER it looks like this issue is a different one. I’ve broken off your comment to a new topic here: Cannot move collection lists if there are 20 lists on a page


Hi @Brando and @vincent,

Thank you for the updates. So it was a valid bug after all ! That’s good to know, I have not found a problem thus far from your recommended solution.

Thanks for looking into this.


@Brando thank you as always!

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